This sim is still a work in progress (especially pets!). Please report bugs to the warlock Discord or PM me at Kristofer#8003


    Rotation Options
    • Race
    • Iterations
    • Min Fight Length
    • Max Fight Length
    • Target Level
    • Target Shadow Resistance
    • Target Fire Resistance
    • Fight Type
    • Enemy Amount
    • Custom ISB Uptime %
    Name Damage Casts Avg Cast Crit % Miss % Dodge % Glancing % Dps
    Name % Of Total Gain Casts Avg Cast
    Name Count Uptime
    Slot Name Enchant
    Profile Options
    • Classic
    • P1
    • P2
    • P3
    • P4
    • P5
    Name Source Stam Int Spell Power Shadow Power Fire Power Crit Hit Haste DPS
    Enchant Spell Power Shadow Power Fire Power Hit Rating Crit Rating Stamina Intellect MP5 Spell Pen DPS